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Breaking the Ice

When will the ice melt?
Misty Mazinaw Fog Creeping Round the Bend

The waves pushing the last remaining shards of ice ashore, sounding like a shattered glass wind-chime. Allowing a quiet hush to wash over the body, mind, and soul. Beckoning us to pause, meditate, and reflect. Only happening one day a year, this is a very special moment.

Nature’s effect on the body has long been reckoned one of the most healing. This place is living proof. Each day, stepping outside is sipping instant refreshment and rejuvenation. Even a rainy morning such as this provides a quite space to slow down and feel the new spring breathing life back into the hibernating Earth.

For Mazinaw Lake enthusiasts, it is fun betting, “When will the ice break?”

This year, the water, responding with twinkling music, “April 26, 2019.”

This is our ice-breaking (haha, pun-intended) first post. Our Cottages at Bon Echo’s Edge blog will be featuring a variety of reading ranging from local news and events, contests and giveaways, and moments for sharing, like this rainy morning.

This is where we’re leaving you, till next time. Hoping this finds you having a beautiful day.

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